Oshmusik discography:

1991: Oshmusik started producing electronic music.

1996: Established Ozon Records. Debut album “Jungle Ola” (CD) by Ola aka Oshmusik Feat. Rikke Ulk (DK). Release on compilation “Tour De Trance” out on label Hypnotic (US).

2001: “Get Down” by Osh aka Oshmusik hits #01 on national dance chart Denmark.

2005: “SummerLove” EP. Feat. Sound / Nana & Sophie (DK). Ozon Records renamed as Ozonmusic.

2006: Osh aka Oshmusik contribute to the compilation “Radio Recordings 3”, out on Danmarks Radio. Ozonmusic releases 4 albums by Oshmusik. “Sexclusive”, “Different Minds” (chillout), “Culturemix” and “Ibiza 2006” Feat. Katrine Brøndsted (DK).

2007: “Clubtrax” album by XFX aka Oshmusik.

2009: Established Oshmusik releases 4 albums, “Play”, “XXX”, “Music” and “Remixxx” on Xportmusic.

2010: “Breaker” by Oshmusik hits #01 on InternetDJ dance chart (US). Releases “Girls Want” and 9 other singles by Oshmusik Feat. Rosa Skotte (DK). Releases ” Good Vibes” EP and singles on the compilations “Kick Ass 1”, “Pleasure 1” and “Cyberspace 1” out on Xportmusic.

2011: “Freeze The Remix” (Oshmusik). Remixes by Dale Howard (UK), Northlake (NL), Brann (CZE) and more. Oshmusik remixes Pascal Roeder on “Illuminati” EP. Out on Xportmusic.

2012: Oshmusik albums “Digital Age” (CD) and “BrazilOsh”. The EP “Good Vibes”. Singles on the compilations: “Kick Ass 2”, “Pleasure 2” and “Cyberspace 2” out on Xportmusic.

2014: “Together” album by Oshmusik Feat. Brann (CZE)

2016: Established the label UfoIbiza. Releases seven albums by Oshmusik. “Dream About You”, “Gold Aura”, “Ibiza 2016”, “Future Lounge”, “Deep, Dark N’ Dirty”, “BigLoveMusic” and “Tropical”.

2017: Established Releases 10 singles by EmajorX. Feat. Sol, Pil, Mufufu and O’Bae (All DK)

2018: Releases “Teen8r In Space” album. Established the label IbizaRec and releases 10 EPs by Ni8htGlow. (Oshmusik and Brann)

2019: Established the label SuperFly7. Releases EPs and the album “Oliver Brooklyn” by Oliver Brooklyn aka Oshmusik. Releases “HouseOsh” and “TechnoOsh” albums out on IbizaRec.

2020: Established the label Deeper Coffee. Oshmusik album “Cosmic Blue” out on Deeper Coffee. “Universal Law” EP by Oshmusik, out on IbizaRec.

2021: Oshmusik release “World Believer” Maxi EP. Out on IbizaRec the 17th of March on Beatport and more.